Monday, August 31, 2015

13 Rue Therese

13 Rue Therese
By: Elena Mauli Shapiro (her website)
Little Brown and Co., 2011

A woman plants a box of strange objects in the office of a new professor, Trevor Stratton.  Trevor uncovers the life and loves of Louise Victor Brunet.  The book includes objects Shapiro recovered from the actual Louise Brunet and used to shape the story that Stratton unfolds.

My Thoughts:
1. A unique book for sure!
2.  Lots of sexual tension, Shapiro does an excellent job of making you feel it.
3.  The dialogue is forced and the plotline following Stratton is strange and confusing.

An interesting book, but not something that really spoke to me.  (2/5 stars)

Recommended To:
Those who can forsake realism.  Fans of the more abstract.  Anyone looking for something unique and different.

Food for Thought:
Is it ethical to use literal fragments of an actual person's life to craft a work of fiction?  How much of fiction can be justifiably tied to reality?

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