Thursday, August 13, 2015

Casino Royale

Casino Royale
By: Ian Fleming (his website )
Thomas and Mercer, 2013.

James Bond, the famous agent 007, travels to the south of France to help take down the notorious criminal, Le Chiffre.  Bond is assisted  by the stunning female accomplice, Vesper Lynd.  Bond and Lynd begin to fall in love as they work to bankrupt Le Chiffre at the poker tables, but things aren't all that they seem.

My Thoughts:
1. I never thought I'd say this, but the movie is definitely better than the book.  Fleming's writing really isn't very good.  His characters are impossible to connect with, even the dashing protagonist Bond is kept at more than arm's-length from the reader.
2.  The plot is exciting and Bond's adventures riveting.
3. Oh boy the misogyny!  I understand that this was written during a different era, but there are numerous comments about how Vesper shouldn't be working at all and is simply a nuisance.  Bond believes that her proper place is within a five foot radius of the kitchen.  The derogatory comments made me hate Bond and have ensured that I never pick up a Fleming book again.

Not my cup of tea, a bit too stereotypically "male." (2/5 stars)

Recommended To:
Lovers of action-packed thrillers.  James Bond die-hard fans, my fiancé loved the book and though he winced at the misogyny was more willing to look past it; I will be sticking with only the films from now on.  Espionage enthusiasts.

Food for Thought:
Bond states that: "History is moving pretty quickly these days and the heroes and villains keep changing parts."

What is the nature of good versus evil?  Is anything ever so cut and dry?  How do we justify heroes like Bond who are flawed?

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